With the support of our wonderful members, we’re able to further invest in and scale our work in the local digital and tech community. See who’s helping to contribute to the success of the South East scene…

Help Me Choose A.I.


Help Me Choose A.I. helps customers find what they\'re looking for, personalising every step of the way. Our platform drives sales conversion, basket value and increases customer satisfaction. Dynamic product quizzes produce high volume, high quality first-party data, that can be used across a business.

Envitia Ltd


We’re a software and services SME on a growth trajectory with 25+ years of experience in delivering world-class location and data software and expertise to our customers in the public and private sector. Our data engineers and consultants solve complex data problems to enable our customers make better business decisions.



Managed merch for Rockstar brands

Reframing Marketing


Reframing Marketing is a 3-step plan for effective and ethical marketing for solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, mentors, and thought leaders. Written by Simon Batchelar



Neonify.ai is an innovative content-generating platform utilising machine learning (ML) and neural networks (NN). Neonify.ai distinguishes itself as a content-generating platform that can produce highly relevant content matching the tone of voice of brands and publisher sites.

Plus Accounting, Chartered Accountants


Our expert accountants Brighton will empower you to take control of your finances and together we will have a positive impact on our local community’s future. Building genuine relationships and taking the time to understand what is important to you and ensuring our services meet your specific requirements.

Advice Cloud

Professional Training & Coaching

Advice Cloud are a team of public sector procurement specialists and technology framework experts. We believe in the potential of harnessing the public sector’s purchasing power to create wide-scale change in the UK and beyond. Our goal is to enable the public sector to procure the best available technology and ICT services, fairly and compliantly.

CmdShiftR Ltd

Software Development

We write bespoke software to help you run your business. If your team is spending too much time on repetitive admin or experiencing data errors or data management issues, we can help We automate manual tasks into a couple of clicks organising your data so that it’s easy to manage, saving you valuable time and increasing your efficiency and accuracy

Azura Earth


Azura Earth is an innovative geospatial data consultancy. We help businesses understand and communicate complex location based data to their stakeholders and customers. We advise businesses about their data science approach, which technologies to use in their business, then develop and implement innovative solutions.