About Silicon Brighton.

Our mission is to support the growth of tech and digital communities across the South East.

Propelled by a shared belief that we can achieve more collectively than on our own, we set up our platform in 2019 to provide individuals with free opportunities for networking, training, up-skilling and development; helping people take their careers and businesses forward.

We assist a variety of meetup groups and technical communities in the region, as well as spearhead a range of collaborative projects to support individuals and businesses alike.

  • Connect
  • Learn
  • Grow

Meet the team.

Steve Rackley


With an employment services career spanning 20 years in the Brighton tech space, Steve has been actively involved in promoting Brighton as a major tech hub, leveraging his relationships to encourage technical learning and development locally. Steve works with his network to encourage collaboration, helping us achieve more together.

Grace Prior


With a career spanning hospitality, marketing and recruitment across global organisations before joining Silicon Brighton, Grace is passionate about making Brighton the destination for people in technology. If you’re a technologist looking to become a community advocate, or a business looking to get behind our mission through event or wider strategic partnership opportunities, then get in touch.

Alexandra Cella


Brighton girl Alexandra is a passionate community builder with a keen interest in content creation and events management. Through her diverse background as a self-employed artist and teacher, she developed a strong set of transferrable skills, including creativity, tenacity, and the ability to connect with audiences. In her role as Community Builder at Silicon Brighton, she brings these skills to bear, using her talents to build and nurture communities and create engaging content.

Maureen Imiegha


Maureen is a dedicated marketing and comms girl with a passion for effective and inclusive communication. With a thriving career experience in social media and comms, her expertise has since evolved leading her to focus on the strategic aspects of them. Driven by a deep-seated passion for community, Maureen is dedicated to finding the most effective ways to engage and communicate with people. 

Charlie Hula


Charlie provides AV support and guidance to our programme of community tech events, assisting on their technical production to ensure we offer accessible, hybrid, event experiences. He also oversees the creation of the post event video assets.