20 Jul

The Future of Crypto – Blockchain Social

The Future of Crypto - Blockchain Social


Wednesday 20th July    
6:30pm - 8:30pm


The Southern Belle
3 Waterloo Street, Hove, BN3 1AQ

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This is an informal social event where we can meet like-minded people and chat about the exciting world of blockchain over a drink or two.

The theme this week is ‘The Future of Crypto’. To get the conversation started, let’s chat about how blockchain will change as we go into the future.

  • Are NFTs over now? Will profile pic collections die out? Or will instagram’s and facebook’s new NFT integrations sustain them?
  • Will bitcoin be bought by more central banks? Will more nations adopt bitcoin as a valid currency? Or will CBDCs start to compete?
  • Will the Ethereum merge happen, ever?
  • Will DeFi be adopted by banks, or will it replace banks? Or will DeFi collapse into nothing?
  • Will government regulation help or hurt crypto?
  • Will we all be living in the metaverse?

The future is exciting, but one thing is for sure: Blockchain is built by people, for people. People make the technology, so let’s get people together 🙂

We’ll inevitably stray into other similar areas and break off into more conversations, talk about the latest news in crypto, and are open to any crypto-related topics! We’re a friendly, diverse group of local people interested in everything blockchain, so come and join us!

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