30 Nov

Brighton Kotlin – November Meetup

Brighton Kotlin - November Meetup


Tuesday 30th November    
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Welcome to this month’s event – Bootiful Kotlin

This month we’ll be joined by Josh Long, who will be sharing his expertise on Spring Boot, a convention-over-configuration centric framework from the Spring team at Pivotal. 

Spring Boot marries Spring’s flexibility with conventional, common-sense defaults to make application development on the JVM not just fly, but pleasant! 

It aims to address the common functional and non-functional requirements that gate quickly moving to production. The framework is as clean as it gets, wouldn’t it be nice if the language matched its elegance?

So, if you’re interested in levelling up your Kotlin knowledge, sign up below!

Meet the speaker:

Josh Long is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMWare and has worked on Spring Boot with his spring team. He’s a host of ‘A Bootiful Podcast’, host of the ‘Spring Tips Videos’, co-author of 6+ books and instructor on 8+ Livelessons Training Videos.

In his talk ‘Bootiful Kotlin’ Josh will be showing us how Spring boot can produce a first-class experience for all developers trying to get to production, faster and safer.

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